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Phonodia aim to became an on-line archive for poetry and voice as well as a tool for literary research in this field. Poetry Center Digital Archiveearly audio recordings from the Poetry Center's American Poetry Archives collectionhttps://edu/collections/poetrycenter Poetry Foundation (US)Archive of audio features and previous podcasts featuring high-quality recordings of poems, interviews with poets, and documentaries - mostly US-American Poetry. radi OM.orgradi OM[]offers thousands of hours of audio recordings from KPFA-FM radio in Berkeley (1949-1995), and concerts and talks produced by Other Minds in San Francisco (1993-2005): concerts, sound poetry performances, lectures and documentaries in classical music, jazz, experimental music and other forms, including interviews with Lou Harrison, Brian Eno, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, György Ligeti, and Anthony Braxton [Artistic Director: Charles Amirkhanian] Poetry Archive (UK)Many poets from the U. With theoretical texts and an online exposition of digital poetry. electronic Writing Research ensemblewishes to contribute to research on writing, and to writing as research" - features a wide range of digital poetry, the artworks being directly available at the site. Iowa review web Online-journal for digital poetry.Interviews, Essays and (reviewed) interactive artworks ... Days of Poetry and Wine (Slovenia)International festival of poetry and other artistic forms, from 1996 until 2009 in Medana, since 2010 in Ptuj.planet lyrik Ein schier unglaubliches Archiv an Rezensionen, Kritiken und Pressestimmen tausender Gedichtbände, Anthologien und poetischer Zeitschriften.Im Grunde ein ganzes Planetensystem. from the Portuguese21st century Portuguese poetry translated into English Eine 2005 neu entstandene Website für junge deutschsprachige Gegenwartsliteratur.The Page This Blog aims to gather links to some of the Web's most interesting writing, poetry, essays, ideas. & Co. organises French-German translation-workshops with writers and poets as well as summer classes on translation.

The Durban based week-long programme features performances, readings and an extensive schools programme.

Metricalizer (realisiert eine phonetische Silbenzerlegung), Poetron und Sloganizer (Gedicht & Slogan-Generator) Poetry East West (China) International Web Poetry International Web is a worldwide forum for poetry on the internet!

PIW will bring you news, reviews, essays, interviews and discussions, but first and foremost, hundreds of poems by acclaimed modern poets from all around the world, both in the original language and in English translation. Ireland Connecting poetry and people. the Online Archive Society of America The site of the nation's oldest poetry organization, founded in 1910.

Organised by Ars Poetica (Slovakia) Fantastic multilingual cultural e-zine that links up and promotes over 100 cultural journals from all over Europe.

The site includes also a lot of interesting material on poetry, like articles and reflections by poets, essays on poets or interviews with poets. Eine aufregende Seite mit interaktiver Weblyrik gemachte Poesie-website mit vielen 'Autorenbüchern', dazu umfangreiche Linklisten und viele Rezensionen aktueller Lyrikbände!

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  1. He had made his professional debut in 1948 with Ottawas Stage Society, performing over 100 roles with its successor, the Canadian Repertory Theatre. A statement issued on behalf of the group said, "Recognizing the importance of its Civil Service establishments to the smooth and efficient operation of any country, and being gravely concerned over the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to induce qualified young men and women to enter the Civil Service of Bermuda, and what that portends, a number of civil servants met some months ago to consider the situation."1952.

  2. It has also been scanned for viruses and has been awarded the Mc Afee SECURE stamp of quality, so you don’t have to worry about contracting any bugs when downloading it.