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Because the This string retrieves eight items from the stack.

Assuming that the format string itself is stored on the stack, depending on the structure of the stack, this might effectively move the stack pointer back to the beginning of the format string.

Doing this will usually cause a crash the next time the system has to access that memory location, but by using a string carefully crafted for a specific device and operating system, the attacker can write arbitrary data to any location.

See the manual page for for a full description of format string syntax.

The following example incorrectly passes the result of a call to the If your application has registered a URL scheme, you have to be careful about how you process commands sent to your application through the URL string.

Whether you make the commands public or not, hackers will try sending commands to your application.

Other examples of social engineering attacks include tricking a user into clicking on a link in a malicious web site or following a malicious URL.If your application takes input from a user or other untrusted source, it should never copy data into a fixed-length buffer without checking the length and truncating it if necessary.Otherwise, an attacker can use the input field to cause a buffer overflow.Avoiding injection attacks correctly requires more than mere input validation, so it is covered separately in the section Social engineering—essentially tricking the user—can be used with unvalidated input vulnerabilities to turn a minor annoyance into a major problem.For example, if your program accepts a URL command to delete a file, but first displays a dialog requesting permission from the user, you might be able to send a long-enough string to scroll the name of the file to be deleted past the end of the dialog.

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To prevent format string attacks, make sure that no input data is ever passed as part of a format string.

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