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Those clamoring to #Delete Uber will have one more reason to do so.

Susan Fowler, a software engineer based in Berkeley, California, published a lengthy account of a year’s time at Uber that involved ongoing sexual harassment and an HR department reluctant to take action against it.

Furthermore, special focus is given to special stand outs who endeavored to make a living in the art burdened with a low profile and more personal career frustrations, especially those who faced the very different challenge of singing in the spotlight themselves. You may not know their names, but you have undoubtedly sung along with them while driving or taking a shower.

Neville has an over-whelming task of addressing each of the individual stories, while also relating it to the nasty and unfair music business, the Civil Rights movement, the development of Rock and Roll, and the role that "talent" plays in what Springsteen terms the "complicated" walk from back-up to lead singer (the titular 20 feet).

It paints the company as a leaderless mess plagued with rampant misogyny.

Fowler joined Uber in November 2015 as a site reliability engineer.

“We’re not assigning a score to individuals, or drawing conclusions/making claims about whether or not someone should be hired,” he said.

“What we are doing is providing enough distilled data to hiring managers so they can make a decision. This helps us ensure that we (or our clients) are never held for libel, because we aren’t scoring.” He added that Fama is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and that it does not highlight protected classes of information, like race, gender or disability.

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Fowler then says that HR refused to reprimand the manager because it was his first such offense and he was a high performer.

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