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My new vision is not correctable with spectacles nor with soft contact lenses.Further, due to dry eye induced by the surgery itself, I can't wear rigid contacts - the only kind of lens that can help me see reasonably well.And although my pupils were measured as relatively small and my degree of nearsightedness was considered moderate, my post-Lasik night vision problems make driving a difficult challenge (starbursts at night, like the ones depicted emanating from car headlights in the above article).I had no idea before having the Lasik operation that activities such as night driving might be difficult or even impossible if the surgery ends up -- no one quite knows why in my case --creating problems in how one's eye processes light.I think it’s total crap her trying to make people think she had some secret relationship with Layne complete garbage.It’s pretty funny because if you visit her website and you click on the link called The Horse Chronicles it brings you to her Financial Advisor website with a picture of her and Russel Brand? so I guess being an author didn’t work out so she thought she’d try her hand at giving advice on money? LAYNE STALEY Book ‘Itch, Love Stories About Heroin’ Due In April – Oct. mode=Article&newsitem ID=106597 website) A new book based on late ALICE IN CHAINS singer Layne Staley’s last five years of reclusive life in downtown Seattle is scheduled for release in late 2008.You can't bring back your eyes and exchange them for another pair, getting your money back does not give you back you eyes before surgery and the effects are for a lifetime.Again, bottom line is that this surgery involving the most precious gift of sight. We maintain contact and involvement of many patients from the UK and Ireland who are looking for solutions to longer-term problems created by LASIK and other refractive surgeries.

Nothing was stopping this party, this was happening before we entered and would continue on far after we left. The author Tanya Vece was ACCORDING TO HER was only 28 when she wrote this “garbage” which would make her 21 when she was allegedly hanging out with Layne and that would of made him 33-34 years old at the time? we’re supposed to buy that this young girl was hanging out with Layne while we already know at the time was beyond strung out and isolating himself.. She wants people to believe that she got into his head? But I happen to know and I’m not the only one who knew that he never left his house and that he smoked crack and did dope all day. had lost most of his teeth and had completely destroyed his body and I hate to say this about him but he looked like the walking dead but we’re supposed to honestly believe that this young self proclaimed “” was hanging out with him in according to her description an underground techno drug den of sorts..dancing and spinning among with the other dead green skinned people??? I hate to have to be so harsh about it but this girl just makes me so mad trying to sell her fantasy as real truth. I have to be honest her story about the techno disco fantasy.I honestly wish that it WAS true because it’d be really nice and a lot easier to think about Layne out there having fun with some pretty young girl in a club dancing the night away… Weak and coughing, Staley wasn’t ready to comment on his reclusive life, but did talk briefly about his fight with drugs.” “Everyone knows he was addicted,” *Vece stated.“I want to talk about who he was, and get to the real Layne — addiction and art.” Tanya Vece is the current editor of independent art e-zine The Horse Chronicles.

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