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Dating is hard enough, but it's even harder as an independent woman.She has a full life, thanks to her great friends and family, awesome job and fulfilling hobbies.When you're an independent women, you get to relish your time alone.You love curling up for a cozy night in, watching some Netflix and just being alone with your thoughts.You know what you want, and you're used to doing everything for yourself. You have to keep planning the dates, picking the restaurants and calling the shots when it comes to important things like meeting the other person's family or moving in together. But the point of being in a successful relationship is making these decisions TOGETHER. Being an independent girl looking for love gets so stressful because you need someone who'll understand both your need for romance and your need for everything else.Finding that guy takes a ton of time, effort and patience, and that makes it tough to stay positive.

You're very invested in fulfilling your own interests and making sure you're still doing all the things that make you "you." Because of this, you come across as really cold sometimes. Forever is a long time, and if you're gonna be stuck with someone for that long, you definitely shouldn't settle.

Here are the six struggles of dating as an independent woman: It sucks, but it's true: There are a lot of guys out there who can't handle dating someone more successful than they are.

It's so stupid, but this inferiority complex of theirs prevents them from even approaching you in the first place.

You will never forget you had a full life before you met the guy you're seeing, and so, you're always busy. You know you have your weekly girls' night every Friday, and you now have to fit in date night somewhere too.

This makes you super stressed because you don't know whether you're making the right call when it comes to balancing all these different facets of your life. Guys get lazy being around you because you're basically the HBIC.

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You get annoyed when your guy doesn't see the need for girls' night or working late, and this makes your guy think he isn't important enough for you. The independent woman has a long list of traits she wants in a boyfriend because that's just the way her life works: She has ambitions when it comes to everything... Falling for an independent girl means you have to be on your A-game at all times.

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