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Go to the globe, and either enter a URL or hit the favorite you set up earlier and if you've done everything right, you will go thru some handshaking and in less than a minute you'll be online.

You can follow the progress on Blue Dun which will show how many bytes of data have gone back and forth.

Well there is no Verizon preset carrier, so you have to create a new one, name it verizon, put something in the phone number field (#777 would be good, although in this implementation, that's ignored, select any username (it's not used by the software i'm suggesting) and then for DNS, change it to manual and enter as DNS1. Next from your android phone, unpair from the mercedes, download application Blue DUN TRIAL (free) using Play Store.

(no need to load the fee version unless you decide you want it..trial will stay up for 5 mnutes at a time. Now go to the comand console, phone, lower left option, find your phone on the list and move to it..then move the selector to the right to a little box you probably never noticed. now back to your phone...hit start in Blue Dun making your phone visible with data capability..on comand, hit update...comand find the phone again. At this point, the mercedes knows you have a data capable phone (and you do, as long as bluedun is running).

You can set up a favorite URL now, if you like..don't try to connect yet.

On that page, on the bottom left, there is an option box which is or includes "select carrier".

I limited my test to under 5 minutes, so I don't know what happens if you go over 5 minutes.

I can tell you that inputting URL's is painful, so if you do want to use this capability, plan on creating favorites for any page you want to go to.

My impression is that most anything I can do with internet on the car can be done more easily on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone...maybe that's just me.

It's one of the reasons I'm not all that excited about Mbrace2 and the "new" internet capability Mercedes has announced.

You can learn what version you have thru Engineering Menu according to the post I read yesterday .

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