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A user who purchases such copy is deprived of free updates, manufacturer warranty and technical support, as well as risks to encounter incorrect software operation and even navigation device faults.

The special offer is associated with the launch of a campaign against pirated i GO distribution aimed at dishonest sellers, which is held throughout Ukraine.

One more thing to remember is the damage caused to the company record.

At the same time with the anti-piracy campaign, Carte Blanche Ukraine continues the loyalty program for the users, allowing to legalize i GO software for a special price.

The aim of our special offer is to give the users an opportunity to legalize navigation economically and enjoy all the advantages of the licensed version.

The free extras include digital elevation model, safety camera databases, 3D landmarks, 3D city maps and premium POI, provided that they are available for the chosen region.

Please note that the special offer is valid from 24th to 30th of November.

Secondly, fines for illegal activities are significantly higher then the possible profit from pirated software distribution.

In addition to financial losses, there is a risk of a criminal case initiation against the violators.

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