Should i give up on online dating

But just because we weren’t potential mates doesn’t mean the time was wasted. Let me guess what might have been going on for him: He made the date with you, knew quickly that it wasn’t going to work out, but he was interested in what you had to say, and he wanted to understand more about how women experience online dating. If you eliminate the “I must meet the right man immediately or I’ve wasted my time and this whole online dating thing is bunk” notion, and instead make it an interesting social activity, you may find you’re having a good time even with the men who don’t end up being second (or third) dates.

That sounds like a fine way to make the best of a date that wasn’t going to have a future. I know you see online dating as a gamble, but I encourage you to view it as a game instead.

I've witnessed relationships that started online work in real life.

From there, maybe we’ll end up in a relationship and maybe we won’t. If we give up after one dissatisfying date and two chats or emails with creeps, we’re not giving online dating a chance. I’m all in favor of meeting people through acquaintances – that’s how I met my first husband, who is still my very close friend.

And meeting someone while out doing social activities that we enjoy is splendid – that’s how I met the love of my life, my second husband, who literally danced into my life by attending the line-dance class I was teaching.

You will go through a lot of matches and swipe hundreds of times on your phone with online dating, but how can you TRULY know who this perfect lady or man is? You'll never know if it's a "match" until you meet them in person. You may not find the one your first chance, but always remember there's plenty of fish in the sea.

You'll never know if it'll work until you take the time and spend time with them in person...

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One day Fred tells me, "We need to talk." I, of course, ask what's up.

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