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“He has done this in several places.” Speaking after the case, DC Mark Ellis, said: “In the nine burglaries, Worthington stole over £21,000 in cash, a gold medal and jewellery which he ripped from his victims, as he burgled these sports and social clubs.

“It is going to take a long time for the victims to recover from the damage left by Worthington’s violent string of burglaries.

He grabbed the woman by the neck and forced her to take him to the safe, before hitting her repeatedly with a pool cue.“I hope the sentence goes some way to bring justice to the staff and customers that were caught up in Worthington’s senseless burglaries.” Haslingden MP, Graham Jones, said: “People like this deserve to be locked up for a very long time.“I’m glad he got 13 years however if I was the judge he would have got a longer sentence.The prosecutor said he took a watch from the man’s wrist and tore a gold necklace from his wife’s neck, before stealing cash and a gold medal.Then on January 8, Worthington entered Haslingden Cricket Club.

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A player is allowed to practice 'rising' the nipsy up to 6 times before he actually takes a strike.

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