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Can i file presumtive death for purposes of re marriage? I just want to know how long it would take to file for a Petition for the Recognition of a Foreign Judgment of Divorce at the Regional Trial Court and how much would it be? hi, we both r Filipino married since seven years back.

How long is the procedure and how much will it cost.. but i did this marriage for the happiness of my father.

i have been never happy with this guy but i survived just to see my father happy and he just died last year.

and my husband is abroad since last 3 years and her family is always threatening me and he too is always threatening me that i will do this and that to u. i have filled the form for cancellation of marriage last year but he is not agreeing to sign it.

We hope that this could be settled in amicable manner.

Thank you in advance for your help and more power to your company.

He filed for divorce in the US and I already have a copy of the divorce and a letter from their church in Hawaii saying that our marriage is already void and null and I’m free to remarry again but I’m sure that is not valid here in the Philippine.

Now, she is asking that he pays for her ticket and the annulment of their wedding here in the Philippines.

so tell me the right way to get my boy as he is just 2 years old and i want to get divorce from him. Sorry, to hear about your son, you will have to hire a lawyer to discuss the possibilities.

I got married to an American citizen here in the Philippines way back June 16, 2002.

Kahlua, 1 – For the cost of annulment in the Philippines please email us.

2 – 3, If your friend obtains a divorce overseas she may file a petition for the recognition of a foreign judgment of divorce at the regional trial court.

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