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I love teaching and mentoring kids and watching them grow and develop into the people God intends for them to be. She has 7 years’ experience in teaching and 4 years of medical research expertise. She and her husband met on the mission field and they have two beautiful daughters. Phinney has been teaching English and journalism for nine years in the public school system as a five-star educator. She is a professional fine-art and family photographer and loves capturing God’s masterpieces with her lens.

It is a special privilege and honor to be a small part of my students’ lives. She is passionate about the arts and has a Secondary English Education degree cum laude from The University of South Florida. She and her husband are high school sweethearts and have been married for ten years.

I am confident that God directed me to CCS many years ago, as my role as a local pastor was coming to a close.

As I teach Drama and English, He gives me the amazing opportunity every day to educate, guide, and shape the minds and lives of middle and upper school students. to teach them the importance of Christ in every aspect of their lives and to model the rewards of working for “an audience of One.” Tiesha Watson is a California native, but has been living in Tampa for over a decade.I believe I am called to be in education to build relationships with my students in order to challenge them to think logically and strategically.I feel that by teaching kids to be thoughtful, and at the same time infusing Truth into their thinking, they will make choices that will help them to become Godly leaders in our society.When a friend from back home calls to announce he's coming to Paris, Sebastien confronts some unrequited feelings.Khoi, a naive twenty-year-old, travels to Ho Chi Minh City from the countryside to begin a new life.

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  1. Si hay menos de tres Ministros, la sala deberá instalarse con la asistencia de un Fiscal o de un Abogado integrante; lo normal será esto último, toda vez que los Fiscales no pueden entrar a conocer de causas criminales por ser parte en ellas.