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Football players need safety too Football has been America’s most patriotic sport for nearly a century now.We love the competitive atmosphere and rugged play this sport brings, but in reality, this game comes with a high risk.They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it's too late.

His marriage hasn’t worked out because he knew who he really loved deep down and realised he’d made a massive mistake. This is the big question that women who let a man from their past back into their lives fail to ask themselves: because he never did get over me and we are destined to be together?

Last year, I got a lot of emails from and spoke with a number of women who had fallen prey to the fairy tale of a man from their distant past returning like a breath of fresh air into their lives, only for him to turn into a complete and utter nightmare.

Now, whilst some may think I’m a cynical bitch for saying this, I’m going to say it Whilst there are lovely, warm stories of people reuniting with their childhood sweethearts after spending a significant period of time apart, overcoming obstacles, other loves, and all that jazz, they are few and far between, especially with the poor modern day dating habits that many people have.

If you’ve had a series of poor relationships, he may represent a time in your life which you don’t feel is blighted by so many assclowns.

In fact, even if he was an assclown at the time, the danger is that he may represent an opportunity to right the wrongs of your past, almost in a wipe-the-slate clean kind of way, because if you can ‘get him’ after all this time and everything that has happened, it will validate things within you that you feel many men have invalidated and don’t feel you can validate yourself.

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