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This solution is intended to be used as a workaround to bypass broken Domain Name Settings (DNS) within Windows.If you are not comfortable with these steps or have questions relating to DNS settings, Intuit recommends you contact a qualified IT professional or refer to Microsoft article. You can find it in the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc on your PC.It maps a hostname to an IP address by using two columns, the target and the source address. Example: The first example would send your requests to the IP address 104.2, regardless of what result your Domain Name Service would return. It is a common attack vector used to manipulate your internet communication.Example use case: Charlie just signed up for a brand new VPS service here at Big Scoots and requested us to migrate 30 of his websites onto it.Many of these websites are his client’s sites and he is nervous about the big move after years with the previous host.Malware tries to redirect security and antimalware related hostnames to prevent your computer from updating signatures. The second example maps the remote ‘cheating.you’ domain to the local IP address on your computer, also called ‘localhost’.Spybot – Search & Destroy scans your Hosts file for such unauthorized modifications with our ‘Microsoft. If your computer tries to connect to ‘cheating.you’, all requests are redirected to ‘localhost’ and therefore blocked.

but due to no permissions its not updating, can some one help me to add admin credentials in this script to run as admin within this vbscript only I am administrator and is still says I have no permision but I am not the only one that is a admin can it be that I tried this my self the only problem was that it has no extension like I need that to work I wanted to block fb on a friends PC and after a minete unblock it :[email protected] Reddy I'm not sure what do you mean by modifying the IP instead of a hostname.File System Object")Set Wsh Shell=Create Object("WScript. I'll add another script (later) that will replace a string. Open Text File(Hosts File, For Appending, True)filetxt. Close Using VBS, it does the following: I want to run this script using normal user accounts startup login using GPO. This Hosts file offers a simple and alternative name resolution mechanism.

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