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What I was aiming to do was gather all of the information from a 'document library' of excel files (where files were names I didnt know & therefore couldn't specify beforehand), of varying names & varying quantity, but with the same defined names & so on within the spreadsheet.

I need to say that the initial loop through files was copied from a forum response I found a little while ago and have used in various instances since.

I wrote mine that way as I was having two issues - one was creating a loop for a sharepoint library directory; two was opening the file because of the variance of the file name.

The code I posted does that job perfectly & I posted as I couldn't find a previously posted solution to my problem. As I said at the bottom of my original post, there is probably more efficient coding that can be used & your loop looks like it could be!

Have you tried stepping through the code, bit by bit to see which part of the code is causing the issue?

- sorry if you've already done that, but it's always my first step.

When you really stop to think about it, an Internet browser in its simplest form isn’t really that impressive an application.

The reason I’ve done this separately is because the path is not recognised otherwise when trying to specify it with & using the value set for obj Folder **Sub Create() Enable Reference Create List End Sub Private Sub Enable Reference() On Error Resume Next This Workbook. I suppose it will depend on what you're after from the loop & the information it can provide.In fact, thanks to the embedded references in applications that use VBA, you can input and output webpages via your own applications.If you’ve followed our past scripting articles, then you know we love VB script and VBA, like my article on maximizing windows If there is one thing I love to do, it's write VB scripts.I have left the data in so that you will have something to work with as you proceed with the project. The template for order and inventory management (Order-Matic) is available for download below and all of the code will be included in the article.To help with the learning process I have added videos to show the steps involved.

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I have not included charting for the filtered results; this however this would be an easy aspect to include.

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